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If you are an athlete attending UCSD looking for a way to get in better shape and perform better, you may want to consider working out with the help of a La Jolla personal fitness trainer. This can be a great way to strengthen  the skills that you need to succeed within your sport. It can also help to push you to meet your many fitness goals. Take a look at some of the benefits below, to better understand the importance of hiring a personal fitness trainer.

A trainer will work directly with you to:

  • Set a clear and realistic physical fitness goal, using the guidelines of the sports that you are in. Rich Noto will help you determine the amount of work needed to reach your specific goal. He will customize the workout and include conditioning techniques to get you where you need to be. He will work with your schedule and plan an effective routine that will target both frequency and intensity of each workouts.
  • Recommend and instruct you on the proper exercise techniques. Your personal trainer will show you the safe and effective use of gym equipments to avoid any injury. Proper body mechanics is also a must in improving athletic performance, preventing injuries and increase core strength. As a UCSD athelete you need to be in top shape — why not work with an experienced personal trainer that understands your athletic needs?
  • Having a personal trainer will help you incorporate components of total fitness including muscular endurance and strength, flexibility, agility, dynamic stability and cardiovascular conditioning. Rich Noto will guide you with your workouts, monitor your progress and adjust your workouts accordingly.

If you are unsure of how to target your problem areas, your trainer will also be able to advise you. It is important that you use the proper techniques to avoid any injuries. A trainer is able to take a look at your personal situation as well as your current body state to help you develop  goals that are appropriate for your sports needs and abilities.

If you are a UCSD athlete thinking about working with a personal trainer, you may benefit greatly with Rich Noto’s expertiese. If you do not think that you are able to workout and stay motivated on your own, you may find that your goals are more achievable with professional help. Take advantage of the opportunity to work with a professional trainer today.

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